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Goodbye - Mac

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Thông điệp [Trang 1 trong tổng số 1 trang]

1Icon Goodbye - Mac on Mon May 10, 2010 8:11 pm



Police Chuồng Gà
Police Chuồng Gà
Giới tính : Nam
Age : 24
Đến từ : Chuồng heo
Join date : 04/05/2010
Tổng số bài gửi : 205
Được cám ơn : 1
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[1st Verse]
Goodbye is the hardest word not simple like hi
Especially when it saying to a girl and a guy
After that they have to be apart they still alive
But there's something missing and it really hurt inside
Dying? No, I told you they gon survive
Bein stronger and the proof is the tears when they cry
No it's weak so they put it away replace by a smilet
They think they'll be alright by themselves but that is a lie
Missing's now the rest of everynight wake them up twice
Tears were rollin, keep it fallin, ease, don't be shy
They love each other pretty much, love is strong and tight
Could make em blind can't realize what is wrong and right

[Talking on the phone]

[2nd Verse]
She folds her hands, close her eyes praying everynight
And she said she trust the guy till the day she die
Never give a lie or something kinda like the bite
Coz her faithfulness enough to clear away the frights
But she knows the trouble's round the corner and it might
Against them separate or make them to be tired
So he gave her a hand and they 2 both fight
Sometimes he acts indifferent he is cold like ice
Though he understanding everything so she wants to know why
Then he tried to overcome and then he made up his mind
Shorten the distance everything will be fine
He got love from future wife, now it's all about time

[Talking on the phone]

[3rd Verse]
She is young, 20 years old, not 35
She is smart, beautiful plus got certified
There's a whole bunch of man persuin behind
But appearance and money won't change to blurry eyes
It called love, even though the others criticize
Tough, acting like he always stayin beside
Trust me, he would love her much more than his life
All day and all night her face is stuck on his sight
So go back to the place it is what he decided
Now they been together bet they're satisfied
And she bout to say that word when he turn off the light
It is "ahhh", forget the word goodbye

[Talking on the phone]

yêu mãi con heo khùm of ck` :-* :x~
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